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The Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC Plastic Plumbing Pipe

Once your home construction work is completed, the second step is to install the piping network. The choice of piping materials determines the type of installation as well as required maintenance. When it comes to choosing the piping materials, PVC pipe is the first choice for many people.

PVC piping is used for:

  • Drain-waste-vent (DWV).

  • Sewers.

  • Water mains.

  • Water service lines.

  • Irrigation.

  • Conduit.

  • Various industrial installations.

PVC pipe system can be produced in a lot of colors and you could easily recognition it after take a look:

  • White for DWV and some low pressure applications.

  • White, blue, and dark gray for cold water piping.

  • Green for sewer service.

  • Dark gray for industrial pressure applications.

Advantages of plastic pipes:

  • Plastic pipes are light in weight, tough, resistant to chemical attack and available in large lengths.

  • They reduce the cost of handling, transportation and installation.

  • Less number of joints facilitates the speed and reduces chances of leakage.

  • They are rust resistant.

  • These pipes have good elastic properties.

  • Their adaptability to earth movements is superior.

  • Smooth internal surface of the pipes offer less friction.

  • Due to less friction it saves the energy in the conveyance of water.

Disadvantages of plastic pipes:

  • Due to their non-decomposing property, plastic pipes are not installed in high temperature.

  • They are easily cracked.

  • At higher temperatures, the strength of plastic pipes reduces.

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